Fabrizio Romano Interview with Saul Niguez -

🔹Saul Niguez has confirmed that his wife and daughter will move to London 'soon'.

🔹Saul Niguez will have three sessions a week studying English as he wants to learn the culture. He will look at the city with his family when they arrive. On the pitch everything is 'fine' and his teammates are helping him as a new Chelsea player.

🔹Saul Niguez admitted he wanted to play in the Premier League. It is also about his personal life, to try a new challenge and lifestyle.

🔹Saul Niguez is '100% sure' his new start with Chelsea will be great. He has thanked the fans for helping him despite not the greatest debut. Chelsea is the perfect place to learn, he says.

🔹Saul Niguez said his Chelsea teammates are 'really good'. They have a good winning mentality. They are in three different dressing rooms because of COVID at the moment. His relationship with Romelu Lukaku is 'really easy'.

🔗 Fabrizio Romano / Twitch

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